Software Development Life Cycle

What is the first step of the system development life cycle (SDLC)? Which phase of the SDLC gathers business requirements?
Any participant in the development process: from the product owner to the member of the support team ask similar questions.

Using one project, you can look at the development process and
see all stages of the process and the functional responsibilities of the staff therein. Which of the following represents the phases in the SDLC? Let’s see the stages of the cycle from the moment the customer formulated its ideas to the performer. 


Planning (Ideation + Requirements)

Intelligent functionality planning of the future product and the analysis of requirements of the entire project. This phase is the responsibility of the project manager and business analytic, as they are responsible for the success of the entire development process. 

Prior to product design, SDLC project management is “rough”, as the exact status of development at this stage is not known.

Once the UX/UI design is complete, it is possible to draw up a precise plan, how the development will proceed, and what functionality will be in the product.


What is the design phase in the SDLC? After planning comes the turn of UX/UI designers – specialists who design user interfaces. Designers are engaged in studying the behaviour of users and constructing a user-friendly interface. The visual appearance of the product is also the result of the work of designers.

In this time system architects work. They decide what structure the finished product will have and how it should behave.


Developers follow one of the methodologies – for the company it is mainly Agile. This methodology assumes a flexible iterative approach – that is, developers act consistently, dividing the project into smaller tasks.

Iterations in Agile are called sprints, and one sprint includes work in all directions: planning, design, development, testing. But what if the concept development phase in SDLC fails, what is the next step? Development problems usually arise not because of unprofessional developers, but rather because of ill-considered requirements at the very beginning of product development. However, any product can be tested or requirements adjusted again. However, there were also cases where product development was discontinued due to poor analysis and unexpected deadlines. But if everything is going okay, the next phase is

Testing + Deployment

Testing specialists perform different types of testing: modular, integrative, interface testing and other types depending on the purpose. This category of specialists should come to the final conclusion that there are no errors in the product and it is ready for release.

Then the product can be introduced and integrated with third-party software. The development process is ongoing, pending further refinements.

Support (Maintenance)

The finished product may need additional support, whether it is additional questions about product performance from clients, or the need to make changes to the already built-in features – the support staff is always ready to help.
Most development projects go through all stages of the life cycle described above.

What is a secure SDLC?

A secure SDLC process guarantees that security confirmation exercises, for example, penetration testing, code review, and design analysis are an essential piece of the improvement exertion. The essential focal points of seeking after a secure SDLC approach are:

  • Progressively secure programming as security is a consistent concern
  • Familiarity with security contemplations by partners
  • Early discovery of blemishes in the framework
  • Cost decrease because of early discovery and goals of issues
  • By and large decrease of natural business dangers for the association

How does secure SDLC work?

As a rule, a secure SDLC is set up by adding security-related exercises to a current advancement process. For instance, composing security necessities close by the assortment of utilitarian prerequisites, or playing out an engineering hazard examination during the plan period of the SDLC.

Many secure SDLC models have been proposed. Here are several:

  • MS Security Development Lifecycle (MS SDL): One of the first of its sort, the MS SDL was proposed by Microsoft in relationship with the periods of an exemplary SDLC.
  • NIST 800-64: Provides security contemplations inside the SDLC. Gauges were created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to be seen by US government organizations

As indicated by an ongoing overview, the expense of fixing a security bug is just 10$ when it is distinguished at the examination and prerequisite stage, though on the off chance that it is recognized in the arrangement stage, at that point there are cases of changing the total engineering of the application which brings about greater expenses of 2000$ or more. It’s about time that we reverse the situation and present security in the underlying phases of SDLC and keep on actuating in each stage.

Your association as of now has a secure SDLC actualized? Awesome, all around done! There is consistently opportunity to get better. One approach to decide your standing is by assessing your program depends on how different associations assembled their security program and what exercises they perform.

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